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General after-sales service questions

My MUSE product is defective, Where should I take it?

The store where you purchased your product is responsible for after-sales service, whatever the nature of your warranty, its duration, and the type of product, the store will act as the interface between you and MUSE.

I have lost my user manual, where can I get it?

The manuals can be downloaded from our website at the bottom of each product page.

I have lost an accessory or broken an external part of my product (e.g. battery, antenna, headphones, remote control,
front panel, cables, etc.) How can I replace them?

Please send us your request to the following address: commande.muse@new-one.eu, we will tell you the procedure to follow depending on the type of part you are looking for.

How to properly remove the product label?

Use a hair dryer to heat up the label glue (Do not overheat the product!) while carefully pulling it from the product, finally, rub with paper towel or with very fine cloth, so you remove the last glue from the label.

Why does my device turn off after 15/20 minutes?

In order to save energy, at the end of playback or if the listening volume is set very low and no operation is performed on the device for a period of 15 minutes, it will automatically enter standby mode.

Why is the vinyl record not spinning at the correct speed?

On some turntable models, there is a "Pitch" button that allows you to adjust the speed.

Why does the vinyl record stop playing before it is finished, especially on 45 RPM?

Simply check the AUTO-STOP function.

Why doesn't my clock radio work on batteries?

The batteries are only used to backup the time and not to operate the product.

Why can't I connect to Bluetooth?

You have not activated the Bluetooth function on your device. Consult your device's user manual to activate the Bluetooth function. The device is not in pairing mode. Press and hold the button until the Bluetooth indicator flashes.

The unit is already connected to another Bluetooth device; disconnect this device and try again.

If you want to connect your Bluetooth speaker to another Bluetooth device, press and hold the button to disconnect the device."