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MUSE was born from the collaboration of a team of enthusiasts in 2007, sharing a common vision: to enhance everyday objects. Their ambition was to create unique products, combining cutting-edge technical performance and exclusive design. Driven by the desire to pushing the limits of innovation, they have been able to combine technical expertise and creativity to offer solutions that are both aesthetic and functional.


Thanks to its constant commitment to excellence, the brand has quickly gained a leading position in the market for traditional audio devices. Whether with its clock radios offering an immersive morning experience, its portable radios perfect for accompanying your adventures outdoors, its CD radios offering exceptional sound quality, or its micro-systems combining elegance and performance, MUSE has established itself as an essential reference for demanding music lovers.
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Driven by limitless creativity, MUSE has capitalized on technological advances and market developments to shine in multiple areas. Indeed, the brand has quickly distinguished itself in the Bluetooth speaker sector, offering audio solutions that are both efficient and aesthetic to meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. Likewise, in the field of audio headphones, MUSE has established itself as a reference, combining comfort, sound quality and avant-garde design. Finally, with its vinyl turntables, MUSE has been able to revive the passion for analog music, by offering high-quality products that combine the charm of the past with modern technology, to the delight of audiophiles.


Very recently, this passion for design and performance has been realized with the launch of a range of small household appliances dedicated to breakfast and culinary preparation. In order to meet the varied needs of consumers, MUSE has imagined and designed a series of appliances that combine elegance, practicality, and efficiency. Whether it's a perfectly dosed morning coffee with their new coffee maker, crispy toast prepared with their state-of-the-art toaster, or fresh fruit juices pressed in an instant with their innovative citrus press and perfectly brewed tea with their teapot, MUSE continues to stand out by offering innovative and aesthetic solutions to make every moment of the day even more enjoyable.
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Thanks to a constant search for quality and an intense development of new products, MUSE products satisfy consumers in more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Indeed, the brand continually strives to innovate to offer ever more efficient and aesthetic products, thus meeting the varied needs of consumers around the world.


Where innovation and design meet to create unique experiences. Discover our range of audio devices and household appliances designed to enrich your daily life with style and performance.