Designing For The Future (1920x600)

Designing For The Future

We consciously design products to last and actively work to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations. These efforts are essential to our mission of providing a unique sound experience.

Recycling responsibly

We also consciously design packaging that prioritizes materials accepted by recycling programs. For example, we eliminate lamination from our packaging to improve its recyclability and recoverability..

Packaging with care

A holistic approach to product circularity must include packaging. Our sustainable packaging solution uses recycled paper or plastic from recycling streams. In 2024, new product packaging contained materials sourced from sustainable sources. By 2025, we aim to use at least 90% post-consumer recycled content or recyclable plant fibers in our new packaging.

Increasing energy efficiency

We have developed more efficient hardware and software, enabling our models to achieve less than 2 watts at rest. Our new product lines also feature energy-saving capabilities that we seek to implement in all new devices to reduce energy consumption.


As a responsible electronic equipment brand for the planet, we participate in "eco-contribution" on each sale so that high-impact associations focused on environmental preservation and restoration can take action.

Modernizing our materials

By switching to post-consumer recycled plastics and reducing the use of virgin materials, we make our products circular. Most of our models are composed of over 40% post-consumer recycled plastics, minimizing our dependence on virgin plastics and reducing our environmental impact.

Supply chain responsibility

Establishing productive and long-term relationships with suppliers is essential to the growth and success of our company, which is why we have a social and environmental vision for the companies that make up our supply chains.

The Lifecycle of Our Products

As we continue our journey towards sustainability, we focus on considering the total environmental impact of our products, from manufacturing, transport, use, and end of life. Our environmental vision for products defines our vision for the sustainability performance of specific products. Giving products a second life...