Legal Notice (1920x600)

Legal Notice

Legal notice and terms of use of the Muse Web Site, hereinafter referred to as “the Operator”. The Muse Web Site will be referred to as the “Site” herein.

Last modification of these presents is dated June 06, 2018.

Article 1 – Use of the Site

By accessing one or more pages of this Site, users of the Site, hereinafter referred to as “the Internet Users” agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use set forth herein.

The Site is made available to the Internet Users, by the Operator, for consultation purposes by physical or legal persons; this use does not allow to be the object of any commercial exploitation without the written and express authorization of the Operator.

Article 2 – Access to the pages of the Site

The Operator reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the setting on line of the Site, without notice and for any reason that it considers useful, without engaging its responsibility towards the Internet users.

The Operator reserves the right to modify, without notice, these conditions of use for any reason deemed useful by him. Consequently, the Operator undertakes to make clear at the top of the present, the date of last modification of said conditions, to allow Internet users to get to know them; also, the Operator recommends the regular opening of the said page.

Article 3 – Intellectual property

The Site is subject to the French provisions and international copyright conventions as defined by the intellectual property laws.

All the graphic elements of the Site are the property of the Operator. Any use by total or partial reproduction of one or more of these elements is prohibited, any offender exposes himself to an action for infringement of the Operator on the basis of Articles L.335-1 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property.

The total or partial reproduction of the Site is however authorized for a private use not susceptible of commercial exploitation and within the framework of the family circle. Any other reproduction is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of the Operator.

In all cases, the integrity of the original work that constitutes the Site and all its content must be respected, in that the Site must not be altered or modified during a reproduction as defined in the previous paragraph.

The creation of a hypertext link to the Site is subject to the prior written consent of the Operator. In addition, the creation of a deep hypertext link to one or more pages of the Site is strictly prohibited.

The Operator declares to have the rights and / or authorizations of representation and reproduction of the photographic, graphic, literary and artistic works contained in the Site in accordance with the French positive law of the intellectual property.

Article 4 – Content of the Site

The content of the pages making up the Site is made available to Internet Users under the sole responsibility of the Operator and for informative purposes concerning its activity. The accuracy of the information contained in the pages of the Site is subject to regular and rigorous controls by the Operator, however typographical errors or omissions may occur. The Operator invites Internet users who notice an error to contact it by email (link) so that the Operator can correct the error.

The information contained on the Site cannot, on its own, engage contractually or legally the Operator who reserves the right to withdraw, modify or update it at any time without notice.

Article 5 – Liability

Internet users access the Site under their sole responsibility. The Operator declares that none of the information contained in the Site is contrary to public order and / or morality.

Neither the Operator nor the Design Provider of the Site can be held liable for any direct or indirect damage resulting from the Site consultation or the use of the data posted online. It is the responsibility of the Internet users to take the necessary measures to ensure that the sites or portals through which they access the Site do not contain computer viruses of any kind whatsoever harmful to the proper functioning of their computer.

The Operator cannot be held responsible for the content of the websites to which the Website offers a hypertext link. As a result, the operators of the said sites remain solely responsible for the content of the latter.

Article 6 – Data Protection

In accordance with Article 34 et seq. of Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978, any person proving his identity has the right to access and rectify his personal data contained on or in connection with the Site. For the exercise of this right, all interested parties must address their request for access or rectification to the publication director of the Site.

Article 7 – Right of reply

Any person who has been named or designated on a page of the Site and wishes to use his right of reply within the meaning of article 13 of the law of July 29th, 1881, must send this request to the director of the publication of the Site.

Article 8 – What is a cookie?

The term “cookie” is a generic term that refers to both a text file placed in a dedicated space of the hard drive of your terminal (computer, tablet, mobile phone or any other device optimized for the Internet), when viewing a content or online advertising, that similar technologies allowing to read or write information on a user’s terminal and to follow in combination with the use of cookies his activity on the Internet or in an application. Some cookies are essential to the use of the Site, others allow to optimize and personalize the displayed contents.

The Cookie file contains certain information, such as a unique identifier, the name of the site, as well as numbers and characters. This Cookie file can only be read by its issuer. It allows its transmitter, during its period of validity, to recognize the relevant terminal each time the terminal accesses digital content containing cookies from the same issuer and to remember information, such as user preferences, the information previously entered by the user in forms on the Site or in the Application. Some cookies may also be used to store the contents of a shopping cart, others to save the language settings of a site, and others for targeted advertising.

A Cookie does not identify a user directly (it does not contain names or first names), but the browser of your terminal, usually mobile, used. However, it allows you to follow the actions of the same user using the unique identifier contained in the Cookie file. The term “cookies” is also used generically to refer to other similar technologies such as web beacons or invisible pixels which are small digital images invisible to the user integrated on the web pages or in emails and associated with the repository. cookies are used to track and analyze the navigation of the same user.

Article 9 – What are cookies for?

Two types of cookies, answering the purposes described below, can be recorded in your device when you access our services during a visit to our Site:

1. Technical cookies to make possible your navigation on the Site and our Application, ensure the security of the site and the Application and allow you to access the various products and services of the site and the Application.

Technical Cookies include the strictly necessary cookies necessary for navigation on our Site and our application (such as session IDs, the version of your operating system, the version of the Application used) that allow you to use the main features of the site or the Application, as well as the cookies of features that allow you to give you access to specific features, in particular to recognize you, to signal your passage on this or that page and thus to improve your browsing comfort: adapt the layout of the site to the display preferences of your terminal (used language, display resolution), memorize passwords and other information related to a form that you have filled in on the Site or the Application (registration or access to the adherent space). Technical Cookies can also be used to implement security measures (this is the case for example when you are asked to log in again to the member area after a certain period of time).

You may object to the use of these cookies and delete them using the settings of your browser, however you may no longer be able to access the site, the Application and / or the services of the site and the Application.

These cookies have a very short lifespan, for strictly necessary cookies, the time of the session, and for functionality cookies the time of the session, a few hours and a maximum of one year.

2. Audience measurement cookies issued by us or by our technical service providers and regulated partners for the purposes of measuring the audience of the various content and sections of our Site and our application, in order to evaluate and better organize them.

Audience measurement cookies are issued by us or by our technical service providers.

In addition to the attendance analysis, they allow, if necessary, to detect navigation problems and therefore improve the ergonomics of our services.

The traffic analysis services used by this Site and this Application only produce and send to our technical service providers only aggregated statistics and traffic volumes, to the exclusion of any individual information. They do not allow to follow your navigation on other sites.

The lifetime of these cookies for measuring audience does not exceed 13 months.

We also use tools to measure the effectiveness of our email campaigns, enabling us to engage in relevant commercial actions based on the information collected (eg sending a new message or a personalized offer).

You can choose to decline cookies for statistical analysis of your browsing data. To do this, please find the necessary information in the rest of this page.